Wardrobe Post 2017

12:00:00 PM

It's time for wardrobe post again and wow it has changed a lot since the begining, if you want to see previous post here are the WP for 2016, 2015 and 2014 


Le Jardin de Versailles ~ Chess Story

I bought it one week before Winter Garden Tea Party and was worried about it not arriving on time. The fabric changes color with the light and that makes the print hard to capture in photos but it's absolutely gorgeus, I also love the detail of the ivory lace under the red lace. 

Marie Antoinette JSK ~ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Up until now it remains my most expensive dress yet but since I started lolita I set it as one of my DD back in 2012 I think, getting it was a real hedache not economically speaking but also because of paypal problems and shipping delays anyway one day I'll have my saint trinity.

Fleur Antoinette Replica ~ Purple Daliah

Ok I know the original is dreamy and perfect but it's also really expensive (not to say hard to find) I honestly cannot afford it, at least not in my current economical position so I had no problem commissioning one when I saw how perfect the fabric was I didn´t resist my impulses.


Lady Knight ~ Handmade

Le Jardin de Versailles Overskirt ~ Chess Story


Dear Celine




Axes Femme



Most of them are handmade, certainly my favorite head piece is from Jvana Jewels 


All of them are offbrand


Black Swan and Aliexpress


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  1. Me encnantan todos tus accesorios ;0; Me muero por un vestido de Chess Story pero no puedo decidir :/ todos son bien bonitos.

    1. La verdad lo compré por impulso/necesidad pero no regrets at all, bonito, cómodo y elegante, headdress chidos con juanita ;) y los que se me antojan los hago a como me salgan :D

  2. La blusa de Dear Celine es amor puro, está bien bonita. Y tus vestidos pre-cio-sos!!! La réplica de MM no me canso de decirlo, es hermosa.

    1. La he usado hasta decir ya no más, está un poco manchada y se le ven los años encima pero me encanta! Valió totalmente la pena el gasto. Si, la verdad se la rifó Jueves haciéndolo <3

  3. Bonito todo <3
    Tienes las blusas más preciosas de la vida


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