Wardrobe post ~ 2015

9:23:00 PM


1. Marie Antoinette (2007) Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
2. Black Handmade Overdress MMM inspired


Chess Lady Skirt by a Seamstress

Choco-Latte Patchwork Skirt by Predisposed Prejudice

Dan Baggings Skirt by Predisposed Prejudice


1. Princess Dream Ivory Blouse by Predisposed Prejudice.
2. Off Whitte Hime Lolita Blouse by Dear Celina
3. White Blouse by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright 
4. Short Sleeve black blouse by Metamorphose
5. Long Sleeve Black Offbrand blouse 


Dan Baggings Green Vest and Chess Lady series Vest by Predisposed Prejudice.


Berets: Taobao (Loli-Loli Paradise) and Offbrand
Gloves: Taobao (Loli-Loli Paradise)
Hair clips: Mexican Indie Brand
Hair Accesorie: Nightmareland

Wristcuff, flower crown and blue rose accesorie: Predisposed Prejudice
Roses Hair clip: Mexican Indie Brand
Earrings and bracelet: Argento
Hair clips: Given by my grandma when I was 12 (or less)

Veils and bow: Predisposed Prejudice 
Corset: Ebay
Brooch: Nightmareland
Rest: Offbrand

Pink and pearls
Birdcage Necklace: Pas de Deux
Pearl Necklace and jewelry: Different Stores
Roses Hair clip: Mexican Indie Brand
Pink hairbow with flower: Gift by a friend
Roses Mirror: Bought in Guanajuato
Wood mirror: Given at the 3rd lolita National Reunion 

Brown and cream ones
OTKs: Taobao 
Flower Clip and Half Bonnet: Predisposed Prejudice
Pocket Watch from kuroshitsuji: won at the winter loliday
Belt: Offbran


Cotton Pettiecoat: Predisposed Prejudice


Until next post

Pd: No incluí zapatos puesto que necesitan sesiones de limpieza y reparación ya que muchos de ellos son usados para mi día a día, combinarse con ropa normal, lolita y viceversa (Les doy bastante uso)


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